Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Behind the scenes with Deen + Gray (coming soon)

The gorgeous Erin wearing Deen + Gray Fringe Trimmed Scarf and Pretty Bow Hat in Creme

Yesterday, December 19th, 2009 was the first photo shoot for my Deen + Gray winter collection. This collection is very dear to me because I have been creating for so long and I finally have the courage to make my work available to the world. :)
Currently the Deen + Gray collection consists of chic scarves and hats, each beautifully handmade and created with love.

Here are a few behind the scene photos of the shoot with more to come. I hope you enjoy and can appreciate the hard work that our team put forth. The actual photos should be available in a few weeks so stay posted!
Love Kade' ♥

I couldn't have completed this project without my FABULOUS Team:
Photographer: Christian Pollock (website)
Model: Erin Leeper-Johnson (Passport Models)
Designer/Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe Styling: Kade B. Stuart
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist: Brittany Slater

Brittany posing while helping me organize and style looks!

Over-sized Cowl Scarf in Taupe and Pretty Bow Hat

Erin and Christian testing...

Fringe Trimmed Scarf in Creme, Erin and Christian

Ridiculously Long Scarf in Blood Orange

Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos, as well as the finished product!

Thanks & ♥
Kade B.