Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012: Floating Crescent Hoops

Steps ahead of the average beaded earrings; these unique half-moon hoops float effortlessly from your ears. Wear them forward for even more head-turning appeal. $32
New at Deen + Gray!

Spring/Summer 2012: Swarovski Pearl Cluster Bracelet

Intense coral Swarovski pearl clusters accented with a matte gold; this striking bracelet has a retro appeal and will add a pop of color to any look. $48
New at Deen + Gray!

Spring/Summer 2012: Mesh Bow Earrings

These elegant and modern mesh earrings are the perfect addition of 'sweet n chic' to any outfit. $25
New at Deen + Gray!

Spring/Summer 2012: Arc Earrings

Freshwater pearl and natural shell earrings in a unique arc shape. $36
New at Deen + Gray

Spring/Summer 2012: Aventurine Cluster Bracelet

Clusters of alluring green aventurine with a matte gold chain accent. $48
New at Deen + Gray

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012: Sodalite Cluster Bracelet

Clusters of intense deep blue-violet, balanced with cool swirls of white, accented by a matte gold centerpiece. $48
New at Deen + Gray