Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey guys! Want to know how you can get this beautiful, new Deen + Gray bracelet for free? Keep reading to find out how!

I promise I'll take a better pic later. :)

Please do me a favor check out UBER talented singer, songwriter & violinist Jayel Stokes, from Detroit, MI. 

Her latest album 'Feelin Good' is in the works and she needs our help to make it happen. Please show your love for 'feel good' music by supporting The Feelin' Good Project. They are SO close to their Goal, only with only 7 SEVEN days left! Click here to checkout the Kickstarter project: ( 

It doesn't take much time and you don't have to break the bank to help! $5, $10, $15 or $20+ will make a big difference!
Any current Deen + Gray fan that donates $20 or more will receive our latest bracelet, the Feelin Good bracelet as a thank you gift for your donation.

Rules for entry:
  1. You must be a current fan of Deen + Gray on Facebook, as of Mon. July 9th, by 11:59pm EST.
  2. You must donate $20 or more by Monday Jul 16, 7:41pm EDT to receive the gift from Deen + Gray.
  3. After you make your pledge, copy and paste this comment, "Deen + Gray shared The Feelin Good Project with me, and I LOVE 'feel good' music!" on the comment page here=>> (
  4. That's it! Oh, sharing this with your friends will help spread the word, so press the "share" button!
  • You will not be charged until they meet the goal of $2000. As I type this they are at $1265 (almost there!)
  • If they are unable to reach the goal of $2000, you will get your money back but hopefully they will reach and surpass the goal. In that case, you will be charged for what you pledged and you will receive the reward from Jayel Stokes, AND the 'Feelin Good' Bracelet as a gift from Deen + Gray.

I'll post better pics of the bracelet tomorrow, it will be for sale on my site as well.

Thanks everyone! 

Kadé :)